Tuesday, September 07, 2010


'The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.'
~~Marcelene Cox

My first thought was 'Mmmm.....I don't know about this' because I just don't get into shopping like other women do. But the more I thought about it, the more true I realized it really was. I really do think folks could learn alot about me if they spent a day shopping with me........So, I thought I'd kind of give you a peek into what a fun day of shopping would be if you went with me. Forget Sams & Walmart.....that's grocery shopping & I'm sure you could definitely gain insight there.....but I'm just thinking here about a fun day of shopping. Where would I go & what would I be looking for. For starters, I'd hit my two favorite Good Will stores....with no time limit & no one telling me how boring this is. I LOVE scouring the book shelves & have built myself quite a nice little library of good christian & classic books all for either .75 or $1.00. Oh & you can't forget to check out the cds! I've even got Ashley hooked on shopping for books there now. She even ASKS if we can go look for books. ;-) My next favorite spots would be Michaels & AC Moore. I love browsing in those stores.......looking at all the art supplies, scrapping goodies, yarn & idea books. And I ALWAYS check out the clearance/Dollar bins. Target is another favorite....Clay hates it...says its a Girly store, but whatever. And it would be a hoot to actually go WITH me there because I don't just stroll & browse like anyone else would but we hit all the clearance racks/end caps/dollar bins in each dept. It really is hilarious if you stop & think about it. My eye is constantly searching the aisles for those little yellow 'clearance' tags. Like recently I went in there.....shopping for nothing in particular....just seeing what I might find & I came out with a couple boxes of poptarts that were on sale, some wasa crackers that were marked down & two sets of sheets for the girl's beds that were on clearance for $7.99. Oh & another time I came out with two really cute pairs of leather-like flip-flops for UNDER $5. Old Navy is another great place to shop. Again....we only check out the clearnace racks in each section. And you REALLY hit the jack-pot when they do half-off on all clearance merchandise! I got Ashley a winter coat there year before last for $6! So, anyway.......that's just a PEEK into how I shop. I'd love to hear everyone else's stories.....your favorite shopping places, bargain tips, etc. Leave me a comment & tell me about it!!


Sandee said...

First off..NO ONE wants to shop with me, not even me! I have no store at the top of my list, I hate them all. I can't stand the piped-in music everywhere I go, including the market.
That said, if you were to follow me, you wouldn't get far because I don't last long in one store. It goes like this: I enter, go straight to the section(s) I need for the item(s) on my list. I don't look at anything on the way - nothing distracts me from my goal.
Clothing = I look at a couple racks, shout out, "This is crazy. These prices are an outrage. Who would pay this much for this?" etc.
I walk out and cross the "needed" items off my list because I just decided I don't need them afterall. This is my shopping style for everything personal. If it's for the house, I'll more likely end up buying something but not until I can find a decent price and it can't be made in China or I don't want it.
The only store I don't scream and yell in is the Good Will. I feel at home there. Good bargains and when I need to clean my closet out, I donate everything right back again. And yes, they play music too.
I do shop with my earplugs in at all times or I'd really go crazy.
Normally, I hand my list of things to my husband and he does the shopping for me. He's a good shopper and seems to enjoy it.
I can save more money on a limited income than anyone I know just by avoiding the stores.
Also, I NEVER look at the sale papers because they just make me "want" things and that would require a trip into town. I'd rather stay home.
My girlfriend used to take my girls to the mall and I'd take her boys to the beach to fly kites. Great trade-off.
Two weddings and I didn't help shop for their wedding dresses. One bought hers at the Good Will and the other bought a pretty brown beaded dress.... nontraditional. Smart girls to leave me out of the shopping ordeals.

Patti said...

I'm not a shopper except for when it comes to scrapping and my home. I LOVE to hit the aisles at Homegoods or Marshalls and find a treasure at bargin price....or even better find it for a friend's house so I don't have to buy it! I love to visit scrap stores see what they have that I don't...I have become very selective in my buying these days...so there is a lot of looking and little buying. I can't do places like Good Will..too unorganized for me...which may be one of the reasons I do not enjoy shopping for clothes...I hate picking through the racks, trying things on, and spending the money on it! If I go shopping with someone else I rarely buy anything...if I am going shopping I need to be by myself so I can think and study and decide. BUT, Amy, I would love to spend a day with you at Good Will or some of your little shops...just to spend time with you!