Sunday, September 26, 2010

Michael's Deer

Yesterday was 'Youth Hunt' day & since Clay had to work, our neighbor, Mason took the boys hunting. Around 9ish I heard the 4-wheeler & went out to see Mason bringing Michael home with this awesome 9pt. buck! Just look at that smiling face....he was tickled to death! Poor'll be his turn next!

Mason is such a blessing to our family.....particularly in my the lives of my boys & I'm so thankful for him. He stayed right with Michael every step of the way.......helping him skin out his deer & get the meat all cut up & saving the rack for mounting. What an investment of his time! When Jon got back he helped Michael in processing the meat. We had quite a production going on in our kitchen. Jon was cutting up the meat, Michael was grinding & weighing while I was bagging & freezing. We put 16 pounds of burger in our freezer yesterday along with the tenderloins. I know I'm being sappy, but the whole time I was in the kitchen I just kept praising God for this whole awesome scene around me........wonderful neighbors that love my boys & whom I trust them with, my boys working jealously on Jon's part, bless his heart, meat in our freezer for this winter & just totally enjoying being at home & spending time with my kids! God is SO good!!!

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