Sunday, March 18, 2012

NYC- part 1

Ok, so here's my first installment of pictures from our New York trip. Chris drove us to the Charlottesville airport last Sunday morning & we picked up our rental car & were on the road around 9:15am. The drive up through the back roads of Northern VA was just gorgeous....the prettiest part of the trip! We only stopped once for lunch & some gas....we made it in about 6 hours.
Going through the Lincoln Tunnel into NYC
Our motel....The Washington Jefferson on 318 W 51st St.
After checking in, we headed out by about 4pm to see some of the sights.
The Chrysler Building
Grand Central
Looking up at the Empire State Building
Of all things to see in NYC...a sign for the 'Swamp People'. Clay just have to have his picture taken with Troy. LOL!
Ice skaters at Rockefeller Center
St. Patrick's Cathedral
American Chopper motorcycle in the Trump Tower.   Paul Teutal Sr. from Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” show has created a custom gold chopper for Donald Trump. Featuring 24 carat gold and custom parts, Paul Sr. has branded the chopper with Trump’s name, making it even more exclusive.

Bridge in Central Park.

Our first supper in NYC. We just happened upon this pizza place as it was getting late & we were starving. BEST pizza ever! It was so yummy!!
In our stroll around town that first night, we also happened upon the Majestic Theater where we would go to see Phantom of the Opera on Wed. night.
Time Square
The hotel was super nice & very clean...our room was just te-tiny. Here, I'm standing against the room door looking across the Queen-sized bed to the opposite wall/window.
Standing against the bathroom door looking toward the opposite wall.
And lastly, the view out of our window...looking across 51st St. More to come......soon!


Jan said...

Great pics so far Ms. Amy! Can't wait to see the rest of them. My favorite so far is the one of Clay and Troy! lol.

Patti said...

Welcome home, Amy! Glad you had a super time!

Cindy Gay said...

Love the hotel view and Grand Central Station! Also the bridge in Central Park.

Fatcat said...

So cool! I've always wanted to go to New York.