Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime in the Country

It was another absolutely gorgeous Spring day today. With the high just right around 60. The boys have been busy for the past two days mowing, trimming, staking up our young fruit trees, etc. They've got it looking nice outside. Now they just need to weed-eat. The picture above is Ashley's Willow tree. It's really growing & beginning to look like a real tree.
Our little orchard. Clay practically had to bush-hog it after the long winter. Now, after that first real good going-over, it'll be much easier to maintain.
I looked up toward the mountain today & thought how pretty it was. These photos just don't do it justice. It made me think of you, Aunt Vada.....so all these pics are just for you. ;-)
Ashley's strawberry patch...all freshly weeded. Thanks Michael.
The Phlox out in the corner of the front yard.
And lastly, some little crocheted flowers that I made while sitting under my Dogwood enjoying the sunshine this afternoon. They will be headed to PA soon.....to a friend of mine who has 4 little girlies & wanted some crochet flowers for head bands. Sure hope they like them.

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