Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NYC-part 3

Monday afternoon we headed down to ride the Staten Island Ferry
That shorter building there in the middle...with the black top....is one of the new Freedom Towers they are building.
In this shot, you can see both the towers they are working on...the two with cranes on top.
My first glimpse of Lady Liberty. The sun was making it difficult to get good pictures.
Monday evening in Times Square
Taken from inside the M&M store.....looking down on Times Square.
Clay didn't think I took very many pictures......I'm done with 'part 3' & I'm only up to Monday night. Back later to finish up with Tuesday & Wednesday. ;-)

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Sandee said...

Amy, these are great photos. Thanks for describing what we are seeing. I have never had any desire to visit NYC until seeing your photos.