Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Neck School

Just thought I'd take a little break from the NY pics & share a little bit of my 'everyday' here in the country. Clay & the boys had gone fishing at Smith Mt. Lake on Tuesday catching about 50+ crappie which we had for supper last night. Mmmm-mmmm! Can't beat FRESH fish.

Anyway, it's safe to say that they are in full-fledged fishing mode around here these days. And yesterday found the boys building their own little minnow pool out here by the building. A way to have live minnows handy for them when they decide to head off to the lake. First off they took a 55-gal. water drum & sawed the end off. Then they set about the task of hauling pond water up here to fill it with. Michael was doing it by himself at first until Jon came out to help. They then advanced to  Michael driving the scooter while Jon held two 5 gal buckets of in each hand from the pond up the hill here. That got old really fast & then Jon's ingenuity kicked in. He found these two old meat hooks out in the building & hung one off each side of the scooter basket & then he could hang a bucket of water on each for the haul up the hill.....easy-peasy!
Don't you just love their Red-Neck ingenuity?! Git 'r done!
And voila! Here's their 'Red-Neck' minnow tank. Complete with a bubbler & screen topping to keep the critters out. How's that for a day's work?!
On a different note....a little 'Ta-Da' moment for me. I have had this hexagon blanket basically finished for a while now. All put together, that is. I was just contemplating whether to leave it as is or to do some sort of edging. I finally decided that at least a nice single crochet edge would give it a nice 'finished' look. But I ended up going one round further.......I did a row of single crochet & then a row of double crochet. Nothing fancy.....just something simple & I really like it!
A close-up of the edging.
I used Lucy's Attic 24 Hexagon pattern for this afghan. And I also did her 'join-as-you-go' method of joining my hexes. You  can find her pattern HERE.
I know I kind of over-did the pictures just a bit. But it was just so photogenic.....I couldn't help it! I absolutely love how this turned out.....color combination & all....especially the off-white edges. It really seems to make all the other colors just 'POP'. It's such a pretty little spring time afghan too. I KNOW I'm going to enjoy using this!


Sandee said...

I love your afghan! You are so clever. It is bright and cheerful.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

The afghan is beautiful! Squeee!