Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day we all had. I am so thankful for the  family God has given awesome hubby, 5 terrific kiddos, an amazing mom (& pop) who brought me up 'in the nurture & admonition of the Lord', my crazy baby sister that I prayed so long for & my bestest friend. They all add so much joy to my life & I couldn't imagine doing life without them! Thank you, Jesus, for these special blessings!!
 I wish Chris could've been here for the picture too. Also, Sarah & family missed out on the photo session too.....we took these while we were waiting on them to get there.
Sometimes I love the unposed ones the best.....LOL!
Don't be shy, Ella.....look at the camera!
Ella & her sweet kiddos.
Two beautiful best friends.

What a great bunch of kids.
We had such a fun afternoon. And who knew that putting together a vitamin order could be SO hilarious! Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of laughter!!!
Too much 'Woman' talk going on in the kitchen for David to he whipped out his trusty camp cot & took a nap on the carport.

After our fun-filled afternoon, Clay too me out to eat at our favorite place.....Texas Roadhouse. I think we've made a new Mother's Day tradition.....going out to eat at supper time. He did that last year & so we did it again this year too & it's SO nice. No crowds because everyone takes mom out for lunch after church.....supper time is MUCH nicer. He also took me to Lowes to show me what he wanted to get me for Mother's Day. This cool swing/glider.....he just wanted me to choose which style I preferred.
So, here's my new Mother's Day swing. He & the boys  went & got it for me Monday & the boys put it together for me.....Monday evening...IN THE DARK, no less. They were so proud....said they wanted me to be surprised when I got up Tuesday morning & saw it. Aren't they sweet?!
Alli & Rocky hi-jacked my new swing yesterday.
Rocky absolutely LOVED being outside with us & he was really good....staying right there on the swing with Alli. I know this is something I will really enjoy this summer....a very thoughful gift indeed. I feel truly blessed!

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Cindy Gay said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day Amy! Great looking kids!