Sunday, May 05, 2013

Talk about a 'Happy Meal'

It's funny, but after keeping my list of Happy Gratitudes yesterday, I fell asleep last night thinking of even more. Rocky was full of himself at bedtime last night. He usually likes to snuggle in the bed between Clay & I....just for a while.....while we're reading & whatnot, then he hops down & goes to sleep UNDER our bed. But like I said, he was FULL of himself & wanting to play last night. I got to laughing so hard at Clay & Michael trying to play 'Keep Away' with Rocky.....with one of Clay's stinky socks all rolled into a ball. It was so funny & I was making a mental note thanking God for laughter.....for my family....& again, for our Fur Babies that bring us so much joy! And after things settled down......I was thanking God for the smell of fresh clean sheets that had been dried in the sunshine. Oh, the little joys He gives us each day!
Another 'Happy' was this past Tuesday we celebrated 'Punch Appreciation Day' at Maw's house. Just a kind of 'End of the school year/happy spring/just because we wanted some of Maw's punch & needed a reason to get together' kind of party. Sometimes kids & grown-ups alike just NEED to get together with their 'sisters' & fellowship. Anyways....that was a 'Happy' in & of itself, for sure. But Alli & I experienced another 'Happy' too when we hit the McDonald's drive-thru for a quick lunch before we got to Maw's house. You know how most McDs these days have the two speakers for more effecient ordering.....well, I was behind another van & placed my order in the second speaker. I guess they just kind of got things screwy inside, but I realized that the total they told me at the speaker was not quite the same as what the girl told me at the window. So, I checked my receipt & realized that I had just paid for an order that wasn't even ours. Granted I had only paid .79 too much, so I wasn't going to quibble over that. I just wanted to make sure we got the right food. So, when I told the guy at the window, he was really nice about it. Gave us OUR food & took my card to correct the mistake & asked me to pull forward while they fixed it. In a minute the girl brought me my credit card & the receipts where they had fixed the mistake. She apologized & wished me a good day & went on back inside. When I looked at the receipt, I realized that they didn't just credit me back .79.........but they refunded the WHOLE price. So, we got our lunch for FREE that day! I just told Alli, 'Thank you, Jesus, for a real 'Happy Meal'!! Don't you just love it when He sends little unexpected blessings like that our way?!

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