Saturday, May 04, 2013

What are you grateful for?

I had reason this morning to start a Gratitude List. So, I kept a scrap of paper handy throughout the day & made a point to jot down things that I was grateful for/made me happy.
Here's my list:
*morning coffee*bare feet in the freshly mown grass*being able to hang my clean sheets on the line today*Nickel Creek*art time*
*paint on my hands*my boy sharing the leftover Manwich with me for lunch*
*Banana bread.....warm out of the oven*talking to my college girl*'Amazing Grace'--Chris Tomlin*my fur babies....Charlie & Rocky....they bring so much joy each day*
*Homemade pizzas for supper*comfy jammie pants* a nice cup of hot tea*
*my jar candle glowing in the otherwise dark the smell too!*

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