Monday, May 27, 2013

Praise of the Week

This past Thursday morning Clay was already at work & Chris headed out to go to work only to call me just a few minutes after he had left. He said he was 'broken down' up here at the Corner Market. Seems his car was loosing oil somehow, the oil pressure was low & his car was smoking. Well, here I am at home with no vehicle because Clay had driven the van to work. So, I told him to call Clay & see what he would say to do. I must admit that my first motherly response was to 'freak out' because I'm stuck here at home with no way to go help my child out......But, I've been reading Joyce Meyer's book about the Power of Simple Prayer & so I reminded myself that my first response should be to PRAY! And don't you know, that as soon as I said a quick prayer & calmed myself down, that I heard Amy Grant singing 'It Is Well With My Soul' on Spotify. It was like God spoke to me just that quickly through a song on the radio. Clay told him that since he was just at the Corner Market, to turn around & come back down to Shipman Auto (just at the end of our road) & let Jack take a look at it & tell him what the problem was & then we'd go from there. Turned out to be just a problem with the oil filter which Jack was able to fix for him right then. The other problem was that they only take checks/cash & Chris only had his bank card with him & he asked (again not thinking) if I could bring a check down there. I hated to ask, but knew they wouldn't mind, if I could just drop a check off to them the next morning as I headed to town grocery shopping since I was stuck at home. Of course they said that was fine. I'm just thanking God for not only helping Chris out in that situation, but also praising him for Joyce & Jack. They are such a blessing to us......always seeming to go out of their way to work with us or help us out & I have told them over & over again how much I appreciate that!
Continuing to count beautiful blessings.......
my blessings from yesterdy (Sunday 5/26)---
*hearing Tim Lee at church...Awesome! * Greg let me borrow his Duck Dynasty Family book * Took Rocky & kids to the Dairy Isle for an ice cream cone. YUM!
What are you praising God  for? Share 5 things in the comments below.

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Fatcat said...

1. No news must be good news from my son in Peru?
2. My kids are doing the spring cleaning.
3. My kids.
4. My home.
5. Health.

Yes, not very specific, just the kind of things everyone says ...