Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crochet Goodness

I got a wild hair the other day to organize all my printed/freebie crochet patterns so they'd all be in one place & easier to find. I had NO idea just how many patterns I had accumulated.
So, here they are....all nicely organized in a binder with divider tabs to help categorize things. I have patterns for hats, cowls/scarves, dishcloths, blankets/afghans, etc.
Here, I'm working on Christmas presents. This is the beginning of a Star Wars hat...Boba Fett, to be more specific. Mr. Daniel is really into Star Wars right now & I showed him several patterns to see which he liked best & this is the one he chose.
Hot pad
disch cloth & hot pad set
I came across this star pattern back in the summer...done in red/white/blue for the 4th of July & thought how nifty it would be to save & do in reds/greens/golds,etc & give for Christmas gifts. So, here is the first of my Christmas Star disch cloths.....along with Frederick's tail in the picture.
And here is the finished Boba Fett hat. I'm pretty pleased with how it turend out. I did have to do a little tinkering with the pattern as I didn't think it was very clearly written. Who knows....maybe my brain just wasn't getting it, but anyway.
Close up of the antenna.
And a few more little details on the other side. Sure hope he likes this!!

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