Thursday, September 19, 2013


Our unschooling has involved alot of wood working these past few days. We've been having trouble with something getting into our chicken pen/house & getting our chickens. We thought it was a weasel, but come to find out, after a little night surveillance, we have an awful lot of possums around here at night.
So, while Clay & Michael worked on repairing the chicken building, we'd let the ladies be free-range during the day & we'd put them up in the smaller pen at night.
The last couple of days, I've worked on a few dishcloths, pot holders to build up my I'll be ready for Christmas gift-giving.
Here's the dishcloth I made......
...and the matching pot holder.
Makes a nifty little set, doesn't it?!
I really do enjoy having the chickens out & about in the yard. Here you see Teensy & Weensy (remember that 'I Love Lucy' episode?)  along with Gibbs the cat. Funny how they all get along together. It's so funny to call 'Here kitty, kitty' or 'Here chick, chick, chick' & to see them ALL come running. ;-)


Fatcat said...

I wonder if chickens would fit into our menagerie or if the cats would eat them?

On the potholders, do you just do 2 layers or do you put something heat-proof between the layers?

Amy said...'s the pattern I used. It's super simple. Tell D to try one. Hard to explain, but it ends up being two layers thick.