Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Into Their Third Week.....

....of school....for the college kiddos, that is. And all seems to be going really well. I'm such a proud mama right now. I just read Ashley's very first article that she had printed in the Liberty Champion. You can read the article HERE if you want.
She was a tad aprehensive about this class the first day, but I don't think she has a thing to worry about.
And if that's not reason enough to be a proud mama.....Jon is getting baptized tonight at Campus Church. The whole bloomin' bunch of us will be there to cheer him on......All of us, Maw, Sarah & family plus Ella & her kids!
Our youngest chickens have started laying now. Isn't that little speckled egg just the cutest.
Just look at the variety there....all the different sizes & colors. Pretty cool!
And on the creative front.....I sold my very first ever hat. Again, I'm so excited! I had set out to do a trial version of the Despicable Me Minion hats for Ella's kids for Christmas. When I posted my first hat, I had a friend say she wanted to BUY one for her little boy & so it began. I mailed her that first hat & started on another. When she received the hat, she posted pictures on her blog/website & said she had freinds interested in purchasing hats. So far, I've sold two minion hats, making another for this friend's little girl plus I made these adorble turban-style hats for a friend to give to ladies at her church who have cancer.
So....I've been busy crocheting here lately. It's very relaxing & I'm thrilled to be making a little extra money at something I enjoy.
Minion Hat
As of yesterday, this is the beginnings of a Ninja Turtle hat....for a BD present for a special little someone who's turning SEVEN (gasp!) this next week!
counting my blessings for the past few days:
Sold my first crocheted hat * cotton yarn on sale for $1 * Michael had his first golf lesson with a PGA pro * Got my cell phone back * lunch with Maw, Sarah & Ella *'s a good medicine! * Alli got to spend the weekend with Cori * Took both my college kiddos to Starbucks for a treat * Jon's getting baptized tonight! * a bag full of 'new' clothes for Alli.....thanks, Cori * Reading 'Happy, Happy, Happy' * Clay & Michael fixed the 4-wheeler * Michael went to visit Mason * Clay told Chris about a new graphic design job available at LU * Watching Clay & Michael shoot their bows & thanking God for a Daddy who spends time with his kids! * Ashley getting her first article printed in the Liberty Champion....way to go, Girlie! *

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Fatcat said...

Cool about seeing the hats. i love the minion hat. I've been trying to get Delaney to make one, but she works on what she wants to work on. :-P

Congrats on all the good things happening with your college kids!