Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Past Week

ALOT has happened in the past week!
Wednesday morning we were up bright & early moving Jon into his new dorm at Liberty University.
Almost all the kiddos.....Alli had just recently gotten up & didn't want to be in the picture.
Poor Rocky....he always knows when something's up & he gets really sad.
Jon's room.....he got the loft bed which give him the space underneath for his dresser & desk.
Jon & one of his new room-mates, Nick.
It wasn't 'planned' this way, but Ashley, Jon & Brendan are all right together....each next door to the other. How convenient!
Ashley moved in on Friday. At least I had a day in between to recouperate.
And thank goodness Jon was there & willing to lend a helping hand.... helping us carry all those boxes UP two flights of stairs. Silly as ever. 
I love these two & am so happy they have the opportunity to go to school together. Praying God blesses them with a wonderful year!!
Brendan & his folks came down on Saturday. Maw was gracious enough to have Brendan's folks stay the night with her. And we decided to do a cook-out together Saturday evening.
Daniel & Michael decided they were going to eat inside.
The rest of us enjoyed the cool evening out on Maw's carport. Dan, Judy, Brenda & Ashley.
Alli, Anna & David. As you can see, the girls didn't want me taking their picture. Was so glad that Clay was off Sunday & got to come to church with us & meet Brendan's dad. He had worked late Saturday evening & wasn't able to join us at Maw's.
Brendan & Ashley.....together again....ready to start a new school year!
'And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.'  --Isaiah 54:13
Counting my blessings over the past week:
*making some of Jon's favorite meals....per his request...on the nights before he left for shcool * Knowing I have friends & family praying for me * God gave us a GORGEOUS day for moving Jon to school * Again, sweet prayers of friends & family lifting me up * Student Leadership that I encountered on Wed.  was amazing---what a great testimony those kids are! * Lunch with Maw * Not too long of a line getting books * Meeting Ella for sweet tea & hugs after I said good-bye to my Jon-Boy!! *New season of Duck Dynasty---Happy, Happy, Happy * a day to stay home & rest on Thursday * Leisurely start to our day Friday.....Ashley's check-in time was 1pm *Lunch at Panera with my girl * Jon was there to help carry stuff up TWO flights of stairs * Clay 'cooked' Vitos pizza for supper*Safe travels for Brendan & his folks *Cook-out at Maw's* Listening to the kids 'concert' Sat. night......Alli on guitar with Anna accompanying on violin & singing 'Our Song'....Anna playing Star Wars on the piano & Brendan on the piano....Wow....that boy's got talent! *Everyone being in church together on Sunday * Good first day of classes for everyone *clean kitchen floor * ice cream for dessert * Lots of snacks/goodies from the company store for our college kids & their friends.

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Fatcat said...

We've been having busy times too. Devin is packing right now, doing laundry, getting ready to leave on Saturday.