Sunday, August 04, 2013

My Weekend Adventure

I tell days are NEVER boring! I'm so behind.....I've had a sort of stressful week this week & just really haven't felt like blogging much at all. I just decided tonight that these pictures have been sitting here long enough. I need to get them posted.
Last Friday, I met Maw,Sarah & her kids for lunch at CFA along with some high school  friends of mine....Scott & Jay.
Last Saturday was our family reunion. We held it early this year....not really sure why....but anyway. I prefer it in Sept. when the days aren't so HOT. But, Alli is following in her sister's footsteps with wanting to bake something HOME MADE. She says (& she's right) no one brings home made stuff anymore. It's always from a deli somewhere & it's just not the same. So, she decided she was going to bake an apple pie. AND she wanted to do the whole thing from scratch. She even used Memaw's pastry recipe for the crust. I told her this was her 'Summer School' project & I do believe that she got an 'A' on this one! ;-)
Aunt Linda's handiwork.....her yummy pound cake featuring Memaw & Papaw Purvis.
We had a fun day despite the POURING rain! We were sitting on the front porch eating lunch....watching all the others huddle under the carport. Close fellowship. LOL!
L.O.N.G. story here.......I just HAD to shake things up for the afternoon. I left to go pick Jon up from work & for some reason (still unknown to us....the van is at the shop) my van conked out on me. I was able to get it somewhat off the road, but I was still kind of freaking out. On the phone with Clay...who was in Lynchburg at work.....trying to get Jon & tell him we'd be late.....& trying to get ANYONE else to answer their cell. It was POURING rain remember....besides the fact we live out in the the two together meant really crappy phone service. About the time we got Chris & told him to come.....a state trooper had passed by & came back up behind me. When Chris got there & went to pull over.....the ground was SO saturated from all the rain we'd been having, that he slid right off into the ditch & couldn't get out. All this happened while I'm on the phone with Clay. I was just like, 'You are NOT gonna believe this....things just kept getting worse.' But it's funny how God works all things together for good. Come to find out in our conversation with the trooper that he knew/was good friends with Uncle Dale....& that Dale was at this family reunion just down the road a bit. So the tropper gets on his cell & tells Dale literally to get his butt out there NOW with a 4- wheel drive & a chain & come help his niece out!! How 'bout that. Dale & David P. came & were able to pull Chris out....with NO damage to his car. PTL! The tropper sent Chris on to pick up Jon & told me to baby the van back home....he thought I'd be fine. And Praise Jesus, we made it back ok. Although, Like I said before.....the van is still down at the shop. Praying they can figure out the problem this week!
Back to the reunion. The rain had stopped by this point & it really wasn't hot at all. Another praise! Above, Chris, Ashley C., Jon, Danielle & Dillon. That was yet another blessing of the day......Ashley C. got to come up AND Ella & her kids were able to come. Made for an extra fun day.
Best friends.....Cori & Alli. And Jon...........creeping in the background.
Such a goof ball!
AShley C. & Maw
When everyone started leaving.....Ella & her kids loaded up & came on over to our house for the rest of the evening. Ella was having fun checking out the little tree frogs out by the pool & one just jumped right on her!
Oh, Ashley.....I thought you had already found your handsome prince.
 Last Sunday, since we were stuck home with no transportation.....I spent the day crocheting. I found some really nifty dish cloth patterns. This one was really cool & worked up in a hurry! Definitely gonna be making some more of these. So, there ya have it....LAST WEEKEND.

Now for some Blessings from the past week:
Thankful Clay was off this past Tues. * little robin sitting in the tree singing for me * guys got to play golf * hooky time--making dish cloths *squash & salad from our garden * blue skies * dew on the grass * Clay & I got to go eat supper at La Carreta on Fri. ngiht * God's blessing of working out the work schedules with one vehicle!

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Wow! You did have a lot going on! We can't wait to see you all soon!