Monday, July 29, 2013

Busy Week

I've had a super busy week & I just decided I'm going to make one ginormous post & fill you in on what's been going on with us.
Last Sunday, after meeting Ella & picking Alli up (she had spent the weekend with Cori)...Jon, Alli & I made an impromptu visit to the DeMoss building. Jon realized that neither Alli nor I had seen the roof top of DeMoss since it was finished & he wanted to show us.
On our way up to the roof top, I enjoyed the art work found in the hallways.
Looking down on the court yard. Back in our day, there was a gigantic American flag in the center & the courtyard was circled by flags from all the different countries that were represented there at Liberty.
The new Jerry Falwell Library which is expected to be open by Spring semester.
As you can kiddos were drawn to the water on this really HOT afternoon.


Monday was Jon's Summer Orientation. After our morning session & then lunch.....Jon went off to the student group sessions. Clay & I played hooky & skipped out on the parent session......after sitting through it twice already, we just really didn't feel the need. So, we meandered around campus & did a little reminiscing.
My old stomping grounds. Which we were told is getting ready to be torn down. Sad to see the old buildings go....but so exciting to see all that they have planned for the future! 
Toward the end, we were really getting tired. Clay had worked all day the day before & I had been running here & yonder doing a million different things. So we found ourselves a nice couch in the corner of DeMoss & parked ourselves to wait for Jon. Of course I was prepared with a little crochet that I had stuck in my bag. I whipped up three of these cute little coasters that day.
On Wednesday, we celebrated Michael's 16th birthday. What a blessing & a joy he is to our family. He has such a funky sense of humor & is always making us laugh. After mentioning his funky sense of humor, I don't think there is much more explanation needed about that stuffed possum. Just something I ran across one day while having lunch at Cracker Barrel with the girls & I fell in love with it. We all agreed that Michael would LOVE it & as you can see by his expression, it was indeed a hit! By the way....the possum's name is Mort.
....And some golf books. As you might guess, Michael is VERY much into golf & he's REALLY good. He's been poring over these books ever since.
And last, but not least.....Somewhere along the way last week....I don't even remember what day now.....but I finished up my Funky Granny Sampler bath mat.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out! But I almost think it's too pretty to have everyone wiping their wet feet on. LOL
That's my first time using that 'Dotted' edging & I really like the look. Will definitely be using that again.
 Now to recount some of my blessings from the past week:
Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

* Getting the power back on after being FIVE hours without any * sunshine after the storm * ice cream treats from the Dairy Isle * My fun adventure with Jon & Alli * Good Books--'Sophie's Dilema' by Lauraine Snelling * Summer Orientation--no rain--fun day---thank you, God, for LU! * A day of REST * Vito's pizza for Michael's BD supper *


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