Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday, Monday

'Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be'
Couldn't help it...trying to think of a nifty title for my post & this is what popped into my head. Now, my kids are thinking I've lost my mind because I'm listening to the Mamas & the Papas on Spotify. LOL!
OK, so much for my nifty title....now that it's Tuesday when I finally get a chance to sit down in peace & finish my post. Oh well....that's how my life is right now....B.U.S.Y.....just hopping along from one thing to the next. Not able to plan too far ahead, but it's all good, right?!
 Enjoying a LARGE iced coffee (courtesy of my Jon-boy) Sunday afternoon. Very refreshing on a hot summer day.
A few dish cloths that I've made recently. I found that cute little star pattern & had all good intentions of whipping up a few in time for the 4th.......Well.....that didn't quite happen, but anyway. I think I'm going to start NOW & make a few of these in Christmas colors & have them ready for gift-giving in a few months.
Below, are some more squares going into my pile for my quirky country bathmat. 
And....a few art journal pages.....
This is one of those rare times that I took a picture of a page 'in progress'. I had used a new stencil to do these cool yellow circles....figured I'd share a picture here & then come back later with the finished page.
Who knew it would come together so quickly. Jon saw it laying on the table & said he really liked my circles...how did I do it?
First of all, I grabbed a red pastel & outlined each circle....then took a paper towel & kind of smudged that....resulting in the cool purpley-orange color. Then I just took my fat white Sharpie paint pen & did some more outlining & doodling. So quick & easy & yet, I really love the finished look!

Continuing to count beautiful blessings......
*Chris brought me some bacon home from work that was on sale for $2.25! * Orange Day Lilies * A letter from Miss Carol & another one from Sandee * FREEDOM * morning texts from Clay when he's working * Clay took Jon to work last night at 11pm AND he picked him up again this morning at 6:30am----what a sweetheart!


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Fatcat said...

I like your circles too and am now coveting your fat white sharpie paint. :-P

I like your crochet. Delaney's doing a star blanket that reminds me very much of those star dishcloths you made.

Check out my blog for her clock.