Thursday, July 18, 2013

Art--Alli's, Mine & God's

So, before my day gets away from me....I wanted to post a few pictures of yesterday's craftiness.
The last granny square I finished up.
I was shooting for 15 squares to make my funky bath mat....because that's how many that were used in the picture that I saw. But, after laying them out on this old bath mat...I decide to go with just 8. Once I seam them together & do a border, it should be just about the right size. I already got three squares seamed together last night while watching TV.
Here we have just a total spur-of-the-moment project. I had picked up the cute little plastic green container/bag at the dollar store thinking it would be just perfect to tote my currnet project in. But I really hated the handles. They were hard & extremely sharp on my fingers....I was constantly afraid I was going to cut myself.
So, here's the quick & easy solution. I just single crocheted around the handle in some blue cotton yarn. Easy-peasy & much gentler on the fingers now.
Just a couple of quick paintings that Alli has done. And I really do mean QUICK! She can whip these out in no time. I'm always in awe!
I just love this one. So precious!!
My artwork pales in comparison to Alli's.....but what can I say? It's relxing & I enjoy it so I guess that's what's important.
Check out the fog this morning! You couldn't even see out past the garden!
And.....a few snapshots of God's handiwork.
Pretty amazing, huh?! That spider web was so pretty glistening with dew! Only Almighty God can come up with something so beautiful!

Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

*ice*COLD water on a hot day* front porch sitting*Jon got off work early this 4:45am & Clay was up getting ready for work, so he went & got him* a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit from hubby for my breakfast this morning! *


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