Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Learn Nothing Day

Did you know that it's 'Learn Nothing Day' today? Just TRY & see if you can go all day without learning If you didn't know that today was 'Learn Nothing Day' you do & that means you've already blown it by learning that new little tid-bit of information. Ha!
I blew it right away this morning by learning about a new crochet pattern that I really MUST try. And then Michael opened his birthday presents. He got a little Dollar bin book filled with fun facts about each of the 50 states. And he got a stuffed opossum which had a little tag attached that told all about opossums & he read that aloud to us all while we ate breakfast.
So, see......we are always learning. And it doesn't have to happen in a classroom.....between 9am & the time span between August & May...sitting in a desk..... & it doesn't have to come from a textbook.
Stepping down from my soap box & shutting up now.

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donnamusing said...

So funny! I learned about some good clearance sales at Target yesterday. ;) But, at least I didn't learn it was "learn nothing day" on Learn Nothing Day!