Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My Weekend

Saturday morning I was up EARLY. Had to have Jon at work by 7am.
Even though I don't like having to get up early, once I'm up, it's really nice. Was such a  beautiful morning!
Heading back home for that second cup of coffee. ;-)
Roger was waiting for me when I got home. He's such a cool rooser!!
Crocheted bookmark that I made for a gift.
The lighting was really bad on this one, but another dishcloth.....also made as a gift.
Brendan brought Ashley home on Sunday.  I know she had an awesome time in PA....but we sure were glad to have her back home! They got here around 4pm.....visited for a while, fixed home-made pizzas for supper & then took Michael & Alli & headed to Lynchburg to watch the fireworks up at LU. They picked Jon up from work when he got off at 11pm, got some ice cream from McDonald's & then came home & played old video games the rest of the night.

I've been busy doing this & that & haven't had a lot of time for art journaling.....but got inspired after seeing all Dana's beautiful pages & decided to finish & photograph some of mine.
The 'LOVE' was some of Alli's doodling that had been cast aside. Of course I thought it was too pretty to throw away & so into my art journal it goes.
A quote from Pinterest.
More Pinterest inspired art.
Again, another of Alli's drawings. She has learned now to give me whatever she doesn't want.
This one was also inspired from some of my blog-cruising.....I'm sure I'll go back at some point & color this.
Kind of self-explanitory......I was doodling one night recently when we had no power.
Just some left-over paint smeared on a page. I always hate to waste & so whatever is left-over gets shmeared around for the background of another page.
Playing with some stencils & paint colors.
Background prep....stenciling & some pieces of an old dress pattern.
More background smearing & some stenciling.
Pretty Gibby-Girl was coming to say Hi to me last night as I sat out on the swing.
Roger is so spoiled. He roosts down in Clay's boat building, but once folks are up in the morning & out & about....he comes & hangs out up here around the patio.
Alli & Michael are trying to see if they can't get him to take food from their hand.
He's getting braver & braver. Michael was offering him some bread crusts today. He came mighty close to taking it from Michael. Close, but not quite. Not yet.


Continuing to count beautiful blessings......
(I'm backing up a few days & taking notes from my journal....lots of blessings!)

*Laughter*parties*FREE toothpaste! (thanks Ella)*cold water on my hot, dirty feet* AC upstairs on a H.O.T. day*clothes dried on the line before the rain comes*Clean ceiling fans*Jon & Clay cleaned my stove*Michael mowed & vacuumed the couch for me*The kids enjoyed Paulina's 'Sweet 16' birthday party*close family*watching Monk with Clay & Chris*Ashley & Brendan made it safely home*the kids got to go see fireworks at the 'Celebrate America' thing up at LU*guys played golf Monday afternoon*new opportunities*


Fatcat said...

I think your art journal pages are more artsy than mine! I like them!

I'm feeling uninspired the last few days. I may need a break from art journaling or I may just need to try something new. I don't know.

donnamusing said...

Love your art journal, your photos, and your craftiness! <3