Sunday, June 23, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words....

I've been in a picture taking mood these past few bear with me. It was just Alli & I on Friday....since my other girlie is off visiting her boyfriend in PA. They usually have a blast looking for cute little old men in Walmart, but today we saw these two in CFA. We were sitting in just the perfect spot so Alli could discreetly snap a picture of them to send to Ashley.
I took a picture of this sample scarf hanging in Michaels. I loved the pattern & thought with a picture I just might be able to re-create this on my own.
Since we didn't meet anyone & since Jon didn't have to work (meaning I would have to be at home to take him) we had time to run by the music store. Always a treat for Alli. She says she needs a ukelele now.
There was a pesky salesman there this time that just would NOT leave us alone when we came out to the piano section.
I ran across a treat for myself at Target. I've been wanting a 'sturdier' pair of flip-flops with the leather looking straps. And it seems they are usually always made just for the men & even the smallest men's size is too big/wide for me. But.....I found these in the boys' section. They were an X-large & fit perfectly & they were on Clearance! Gotta love a good bargain!
A few more grannies added to my bathmat stash.
This one turned out a tad bigger than all the others. I've been aiming for a 7" square. Not sure if I can make it work in the overall  project or not, we'll see. If all else fails, it'll make a nice dish cloth.
Here's the five I have done so far. I finished off another one tonight, but it was too dark to get a good picture, so will wait to share that one.
Today after church, it got really dark back over Paul & Lisa's house, but was still sunny out the rain came POURING down! No one ever saw a rainbow....kind of odd, but anyway. I caught Alli sneaking around behind the 'Bug Tree'. She just couldn't resist playing out in the sunshiney rain.


Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

*chicken strips & tater wedges from Walmart for lunch today*BD party for Sarah tomorrow*Got to talk to Ashley the other night....she's having a wonderful time*movie time with Alli Friday night....'Soul Surfer'*



Fatcat said...

Alli is so talented isn't she? Devin wants different instruments so he can learn to play them. He already plays guitar and bass guitar, but wants to do ukelele too and maybe banjo.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Funny, I watch cute little old men, too! They are adorable! I especially love to see sweet older couple together, holding hands, and being fantastic as only they can.

I can't wait to see the scarf you come up with. I copied something once, a turtle prop for a friend, it is on my blog. :)

We have a sweet homeschooled friend who bought and taught herself the ukelele. I think yours needs one!

I love Target clearance!

I love the second square!!!! So pretty.

Sunny rains are so magical.