Friday, June 14, 2013

New Hooky Squares

Well, here's the beginnings of my new bath mat.
Actually, I did the orangey colored/cream one first & I worked on the flower one yesterday while our power was off & I had nothing better to do. We had a storm come through yesterday afternoon. Nothing bad at all, but of course living out here in the boonies as we do, it doesn't take much for us to lose our power. We have learned that if it's calling for any kind of a storm we always make up extra tea & we always keep spare jugs of water out in the pump house. Because when we lose our power, we lose our water too. So, we were prepared with the beverages.....but it put a crink in my supper plans. I had chicken & stuffing in the crock pot cooking for supper. But of course it had only been cooking for about two hours when we lost power. We finally realized when Clay was leaving work, that no matter what, we wouldn't be eating chicken & stuffing for he ran by Pizza Hut & picked up some pizzas & we ate by candle light. I stuck the chicken in the frige & will finish cooking it tomorrow. We finally got our power back on right before 10pm last night.
The girls & I went to town today & met Maw for lunch at La Carreta. Always a favorite. We didn't have alot of time to piddle & shop because I had to get home in time to take Jon to work at 5pm. We did manage a little time in Target & I was happy to run by Michaels & pick up some more cotton yarn that they had on add to my stash for my bath mat. ;-) Now, to find some hooky time.
After supper this evening, Ashley came out to sit with me on the swing & before ya know it, Alli had brought Charlie outside & plunked him down on the swing with us.
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
He didn't want to sit still for very long, but Alli managed to snap a few pictures before he had had enough.

Continuing to count beautiful blessings.......

*electricity*clear sunny days after the rain*new yarn*leftovers for cooking*God's healing power*a nice cup of hot tea*


Fatcat said...

Your two girls there in that photo sure are some beautiful blessings. :-)

Can you share your chicken and stuffing in the crockpot recipe?

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Love the squares!