Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

A little more of what we've been up to this week.
Alli had been looking on Pinterest trying to find a picture of a crocheted headband that she wanted me to make for her. She never came up with an actual picture/pattern but I told her I was sure I could come up with something similar to what she was wanting, no problem. Well, in the meantime she disappeared upstairs for a while with my sewing basket & when she came back down later......this is what she had been up to. She made this nifty little red gingham headband with some scrap material she found. It's adorable & looks SO cute on her. Now she's wanting to plunder through some of Maw's scrap material to see what she might be able to find. I told her these would make wonderful Christmas gifts for all the girl cousins/friends.
It was another rainy day here yesterday. Michael called me to come here & look yesterday morning. He had gone out on the back porch & Charlie (our cat) was standing up at the back door just staring out. When Michael looked to see what Charlie was looking at, he saw this little guy.
And this is the lovely sight from my front porch yesterday evening after supper. The rain had quit & the sun came out.......
It was SO pretty glistening on the still wet trees.

And as for our summer learning......this is MY new project that I've got stuck in my craw. This beautiful Granny Square Sampler made out of cotton yarn.....to be used as a bath mat. I'm in love!! This would look SO perfect in this ole country house of mine.
I'm on a mission right now of finding the perfect Granny Square patterns that I want to use. Then I'm going to check & see if Michaels or ACM has any sales or coupons this week on their cotton yarn. I can't wait to get started!! Like I NEED another new project?! But hey.....that keeps life interesting. You know I wouldn't ever want to get bored.
Continuing to count beautiful blessings.......
*Thankful that Chris & Jon both went in to work at the same time this morning....so they could ride together*Clay is feeling some better & took Michael to play golf today (Clay is going to caddy....not play)*quiet  peaceful house* time to work on some crafty projects.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I adore her little head band! :)

What a sweet turtle you guys happened upon. Remy has finding a box turtle on his summer bucket list.

Your sampler rug is gorgeous!