Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fun Science Experiment

I love things like this. Chris was telling Michael this morning about something he had seen online....where you could light a crayon like a candle & it would burn for about 30 minutes. Well, don't you know that you could immediately see the spark in Michael's eyes....& know that the wheels were turning in his brain. He went right away to scrounge up a few crayons. I told him to make sure that he peeled the paper off first.....but that was a mistake.....because the paper is what actually helps it burn.

Here's a youtube link that I found demonstrating the experiment. BURNING CRAYON.

One thing I noticed was that in the video, the guy had a hard time getting it to light & Michael didn't have a problem at all. I think because Michael held his at an angle & the match was able to catch the paper along with the crayon & that helped it burn right away.
It was really pretty cool.....but it didn't burn for 30 minutes. Ours only burned for about 10 minutes. Michael put it out right after I snapped that last it probably would've burned about 5 mins. longer if we had set it up (like in the video) or put it in some kind of holder. was a really fun spur-of-the-moment science experiment. I really do think this is the BEST kind of learning ever!! Jon even had to give it whirl when he got up & heard about it. ;-)


Fatcat said...

We always go ahead and do it right then too. Those are the funnest ones. Did you ever do the one with the teabag that flies up into the air?

My Dan did a variation of this experiment when he was about 6, put some crayons in the toaster oven to melt them (while I was in the bathtub) and set them on fire!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Neato! My boys would burn all the crayons in the house! LOL