Sunday, June 09, 2013

Learning to Celebrate!

I finished up yet another Joyce Meyer book......I tell ya, I've been on a roll here lately.
This one is all about finding joy & learning to celebrate the everyday blessings in your life.
So, yesterday as I took Jon to work....celebrating this new summer job that God gave him.....Alli & Rocky decided to ride along. Rocky LOVES to go for a ride....he's such a D.O.G.....loving to ride with his head sticking out the window, sniffing the air, fur blowing in the breeze.

After dropping Jon off at work, we celebrated the lovely summer day by getting a McDonald's icecream cone (an icecream cone instead of a cookie). And the price added to the celebration....only $1.07 for two cones! Yay!!

And even though it IS summer break, I thought I'd share some of the learning we've been doing around here.

We have enjoyed learning all about the cicada bugs. Watching them come out of their holes at night & even sitting on our front porch watching them as they emerged from their shells. God's creation is surely amazing!

Then one night, for some reason, Michael found some old flash cards about the states/capitals & they started quizzing each other with those. It was really fun. Ashley was smoking everyone though.....but I must say, I came in a close second. ;-) Then we started switching it up by asking the capital & having the person tell you the state. That was a tad bit easier. All of this led to Ashley wanting to go out to the library & getting books on the presidents & first ladies that she remembered reading when she was younger.
Micael especially has been enjoying these. He loves reading about all the presidents & he's even been trying to memorize them in order. Ashley had them all memorized at one point.....even all the first ladies. I love to see them having FUN learning!

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Fatcat said...

Cool about all the 'unschooling' you are doing!