Monday, August 12, 2013

Second Place!

Awards were givin out yesterday evening at the Outdoor Sportsman's Show....
....and Michael's deer came in second in his age group. We are SO tickled for him. Way to go, Michael!!
Michael with Pat & Nicole from 'Driven TV' cool.


Counting my blessings--

*watching 'Breakfast at Tiffany' with my Ashley-girl* home-made pizza for supper* the sound of happy chickens * Got our van, a HUGE praise * had lunch with Ella & Melanie * coffee on sale at Target this week * barefoot in the grass * clean jammies * my bed & a good book after a long day in town * Clay & boys to Sportsman's show in Richmond to show Michael's big ole buck * pictures & texts from my guys during the day * Michael's deer won 2nd place--WooHoo! * 'Pride & Prejudice' with my girls * 'When I call on Jesus, ALL things are possible......'

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