Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our UNschool learning.....

With the guys going to the Sportsman's Show over the weekend....Clay & Michael have really been studying the different scoring systems that are used for the deer. They said they've both really learned alot! They are going to another show at the end of September & they use a different scoring system....Virginia's Deer Scoring System which you can read more about HERE.
Then this morning....I was reading another Unschooling blog, 'Our School at Home' ....& Michael saw the pictures on their blog of the alpacas & he got off saying how he wanted a pet camel. A two-humped camel, to be exact.....so he could ride it. Only Michael. I LOVE how this kid learns! It's SO much fun, really! We began googling, of course & found out that Dromedaries--with 1 hump-- are mainly from the middle East & the Horn of Africa. 
And the Bactrian camels, with 2 humps, are from Asia.
We quickly learned that the alpacas are from South America--Peru, Bolivia, etc & they are bred mainly for their fiber.
Aren't they just the cutest little things!

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Fatcat said...

It's fun when that happens, you start looking stuff up and everyone is learning, including mom and dad. :-)