Monday, September 16, 2013

Taylor Swift RED concert

God certainly did bless our entire evening SO above & beyond! We had safe travels there & back (although on the way home we did see about 10 deer, 1 dead bear, a skunk & a racoon!) We had a quick & easy supper at McDonald's there at Barracks Road, super close parking (literally just across the street from the side door we went in)because we had a pre-paid parking pass....SO worth it! Hardly any line to wait in & the security check was a breeze. But THE BEST part of the evening came a little bit later.
 The girls had their two seats together & we got them situated & then went to find our seats directly across the arena from them. We could see them & we each had cell phones & plans to meet up after the concert, so all was well. And then we got a call from was really loud & Ella was having a hard time hearing her, but she could tell she was crying......I mean REALLY sobbing & we kind of freaked for a minute. But Ella thought she heard her say something about the Front Row. So, she slipped out to try & check on the girls & find out what was going on. Come to find out, Taylor Swift's mom had come up to them....tapped Alli on the shoulder & asked if they were having a good time & did they think they'd have a better time if they came with her & sat down on the FRONT ROW!!
When Ella found them, she could see that Alli was just a sobbing mess, but Cori was smiling. 'Mama Swift' had chosen 14 girls from around this arena of 13,000 people to come with her & sit down on the floor....& our two girls were literally on the floor, front & center....not 2 feet away from the stage! And I love that the first response out of Alli's mouth was, 'Thank you, Jesus!' At one point, Taylor even leaned down & held Alli's hand! What a memory.
Before the concert, as we were walking around.....looking at all the tour buses & the 10+ tractor trailers, Ella was telling me how for the past several nights when she'd say bedtime prayers with Tay that they prayed that the girls might get a chance to meet Taylor/go back stage/Club Red, etc......& I responded that when two of us agree together in prayer....& we both just kind of spoke a quick prayer out loud as we walked on to our seats......What an amazing lesson to our kids about prayer! It was a night I know that the girls will remember for the rest of their lives!
Decorating the van
We had a couple of 'Swifty' fans honk at us along the way.
Just look at all those tractor trailers.....we counted at least 10 of them!
These were Alli & Cori's seats to start with.......
.....and this is where they ended up!
Could it get any better than this?
Alli's hand & Taylor saying, 'I love you guys!'
The end

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