Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Today was not a bad day at all shopping-wise for us. Clay had gotten up EARLY to go to Best Buy before work & he had me worried......said he got there about 4:30am & it was unbelievable! Cars & people everywhere & lined up still trying to get into the parking lot. So, he just left & went on to work early. Ashley & I headed out about our usual time.....around 9:30 & it wasn't bad at all. Went to Office Max for some dvds & it was VERY quiet there. In & out in no time. Next was Lifeway for some cds they had on sale for $ every one I wanted except for the Michael W Smith (they were sold out) but that was ok because that one was just for me & not for Christmas. From there we went to CFA for lunch & their parking lot was like EMPTY! So empty that I took a picture for my Picture of the Day. They said it had been busy EARLY this morning, but it sure wasn't then. I think the most crowded store we went to was Aeropostale at the mall. And really it wasn't's just that it's a small store & was really crowded, but they handled all the people/check-out lines really well. Even Walmart was much quieter than our usual Friday afternoons. I was very pleased getting groceries....not crowded at all. So, I came home tired, but defintely not stressed & that's a good thing! We had a nice day & got some things checked off the Christmas lists so all is well. Clay is in bed already....he was whooped. And as soon as Michael & Alli head up to bed we're going to watch NCIS & then I'm off to bed to read.

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Angela L. said...

If you're talking about the Lynchburg Best Buy, my hubby is Lead of Security at Target and he said that the line for Best Buy was down past Barnes & Noble. The line for Target went down to Radio Shack and looped back up. He had to get the cops there because there were a bunch of people in the parking lot that was planning to make a run for the doors when they opened so they wouldn't have to get in the line. What a mess!!! I could handle it when I was younger but not anymore, I just don't have the patience or the energy to get up THAT early!