Monday, November 16, 2009

Stressful Morning

When I came downstairs this morning, the first thing I noticed was Charlie sprawled out on the back of the loveseat on my quilt.....where he's NOT supposed to be! Then I walked into the dining room & saw this....I about freaked out!! It was like, OMG....what do I do first! We can only guess that Charlie was hot to trot after Gibbs & she tried to jump up on the desk to get away from him & he followed her. I couldn't find her anywhere & was so scared that I was going to find her squished UNDER some of the mess! But she finally came crawling out from over behind the printer. That whole top shelf part was tipped....the scanner was in the floor....papers & cds were strewn under the dining room table.....the monitor & speakers were just dangling by their cords....the big old black telephone from Aunt Kitty's was in the floor.....& my glass 'Bowl' that Aunt Vada had bought for me when I was just a little kid was laying in the fell from that top shelf...& it was UNBROKEN!! I told Maw an angel caught it for me! PTL, not a thing was broken, the computer & scanner still work & there were no dead kitties!!! Whew! And obviously, you can see that even in the midst of the trauma, the scrapbooker in me took over & I HAD to take pictures. ;-) Never a dull moment at our house.


Babydoll said...

Only a scrapbooker would think to take a picture of this!! LOL!! I'm glad your things weren't broken and all of the kitties were safe!

Sandee said...

Who needs a cup of morning caffeine when you wake up to things like this?!