Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok...quick recap of the past week:

*Last Tues. was Daniel's 5th birthday....we partied at Maw's house with Ella & her kids. The kids had a blast playing outside...raking up HUGE piles of leaves in front of the swing set so they could slide or jump into them!

*Ashley & I both got our hair cut on Tues. Ashley had about 6" cut off of looks awesome!

* Alli got her ears pierced on Tues. also. It's been almost a week now & NO problems. I'm so thankful because Ashley had a time with hers. They were terrible, but we plodded through & they've been fine ever since.

*Thurs. Ashley & I met Chris & Maw & we went to see the musical version of 'Jane Eyre' at the LU theater. What an awesome performance! My favorite so far. The first show we've been to that got a standing ovation at the end. These kids are Excellent! And what's even more amazing is to see the REAL kids performing in these plays. Meaning grade school kids. This play alone had three of the most adorable & talented little girls/young ladies in it. A 9 yr. old, 11 yr. old & a 12 yr. old......& they were every bit as amazing as the college aged kids & what voices they had!

* Friday I went to town alone. Trying to do the shopping & run errands as quickly as I could. The girls stayed home & finished the cleaning Chris was coming home for Thanksgiving break. He got home about 4pm. When the guys got home from hunting we ordered Vitos pizza for supper. Yum!

*Yesterday was church & then our Thanksgiving dinner at church last night at 6pm. We had some wonderful food & terrific fellowship. Much to be thankful for!!


Sandee said...

How EVER did I miss this entry? I want to see a pic of yours and Ashley's hair cut! The play sounds like it was wonderful, what a cool experience.
Enjoy Chris while you have him home. I love the way A/J/M/A look forward to being with him.

Angela L. said...

Too funny... not only are we "possible" neighbors but we both have a "Daniel", lol!