Thursday, February 04, 2010

Big Mama's Big Sister

Back when Clay & I were in our early 20s.....we got a HUGE snow in Feb. Clay was due to drive up from NC anyway to be with me for Valentine's Day & so he was even more thrilled with the thought of getting snowbound in VA with me. See, he grew up in Fla. & had never really seen much snow at all. He was like a big kid......sleddding, taking walks in the snow at night & so the next day he set out to build a HUGE snowman! She was about 7 ft. tall & named Big Mama. I really need to scrounge up the pictures I have of her. Will try & do that later. But anyway....the kids have heard all the stories...especially with all the snow we've been having here recently....and so Jon & Alli decided they were gonna build a Big Mama too the other day. This is Big Mama's Big Sister. And I HAD to laugh last so tickled as Clay was telling Michael & Alli about that first night when he got there in the middle of that snowstorm & wanted to go out sledding. He thought it was SO cool that Maw came out with us. Thought that was cool for an OLD lady to come play with us & was worried that she might break a bone or something. The laughter really grew after we did the math & figured out that Maw was just MY age at the time!! OLD LADY, my foot! The kids just loved that! I love stories & giggles at night. That's what memories are made of!!

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