Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driving Lessons

I thought the kids had gone off sledding this afternoon when I peeked out the kitchen window & saw Jon & Ashley on the scooter. He was riding behind her teaching her how to drive. It was just one of those 'Mom moments' that made me run grab the camera because I wanted to remember this. me this is one of those 'Unschooling' moments that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. He was patiently spending his time teaching her & she was a willing perfect!
I have to back up to yesterday though & tell you the story behind this......what I KNOW prompted this little driving lesson. Was chatting with Valerie Graham at Maw's party (more on that later....with pics!) & she asked Ashley how old she was & of course being 16 brings about all the driving stories. And Valerie proceeded to tell Ashley about how her dad had taught her to drive on their tractor. How he'd let her drive all across the fields & even how she almost took down the fence once when she was out practicing by herself & couldn't the thing out of reverse! LOL! Anyways.....just a little slice of Bunner Life.

Speaking of these 'Unschooling' moments that I love so much.......the other day Alli was in here drawing on the computer. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, getting ready for supper. Then in walks Jon.....he takes a peek at what she's doing & proceeded to tell her what she needed to do differently so her building would be more in perspective. At first she fussed with him & told him to leave because she was just messing around & didn't care. But Jon just kind of kept hanging around. I started to jump in & tell him to leave her be, but I just kept quiet & watched. He kept telling her this & that & showing her what she could do differently & I realized after her first little outburst at him, that she really began to listen & pay attention. They spent a good 20 mins. or so working on her drawing together. Now, isn't this just learning at it's best?! First of all, Chris is majoring in Graphic Design & he passes down what he learns to Jon (as most of you know, Jon is quite the artist & loves all this that Chris is teaching him!!) & in turn, Jon is teaching Alli. How cool is that?! Siblings spending time together....sharing with each other....bonding & learning from each other. You can't get that from any textbook!

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