Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris & Maw!!

We ended up having ourselves a totally impromptu party last night. Maw wanted to know if I thought Chris would like to come over & eat supper with her & have BD cake that Aunt Linda had made. Well, I got to thinking that since Clay was at work & we'd probably be snowbound today that we should just pile in the van & go too. So we did! I had deer burger sitting out to fix tacos for supper, so I just threw everything together, baked Chris a chocolate cake & we headed off to Maw's house. David was at work too, so Sarah & the kids came down to join in the celebrating. Tacos & pizza can make ya kinda goofy!
OMG...only we could come up with a cake like this! Ashley said we needed 91 candles for the cake...since Chris was 21 & Maw was 70.....91 candles. Ummm-yeah! We had a hard enough time scrounging up 21. If you look closely we started with a number '8' candle & counted from there....six ancient Crayola crayon candles, 4 chunky little red candles & 3 votives....that all adds up to 21. LOL

Happy Birthday Chris & Maw!
Clay was sad that he didn't get to see Chris last night & celebrate with him & kept wanting to know if we could take him out for breakfast....before the snow got really bad. So, since classes were cancelled already late last night, we planned to get up EARLY & go get groceries...we left home at 6am, went to Walmart (That's a whole nother story all it's own!) Then picked Chris up a little after 8am & went to IHOP for BD pancakes. We drove on campus & I tell ya...I've never seen that place so quiet! Not even in the summer time when all the students are gone. I guess everyone was taking advantage of no classes & sleeping in. Chris said there was NO ONE moving on his hall this morning when he left to meet us.

This is right in front of Buddy & Ena's house on our way home. It was really coming down by then. Bad enough that we weren't able to get up the driveway. I had to get out & walk up & get Jon to go down on the scooter & help Clay haul groceries up the hill. Between last night & this morning's adventures...I sure hope Chris had a memorable 21st BD. He still has some celebrating to do with his friends. They were all supposed to go to Macado's tonight for wings but everything was closed. They will try either Sunday afternoon or Monday evening.
I love you both big bunches!!!!


Momofgirls said...

You DID get snow!! Phew! I wish we would. I could also use a slice of the cake right now! It is 8;45pm and I am HUNGRY!

Enjoy the cold and snow... humidity will be coming!

AshleyMarieCates said...

Love that pic of Chris and Maw.