Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines & Girly Day

We had a really fun time at our Homeschool Valentine party at Maw's house on Thursday. And can you believe that I didn't even take a single picture? I'm ashamed of myself!! We also fixed cookies & treats for my college 'boys'......notice I said 'boys'....plural....I do believe that we've spoiled Chris' friends/room-mates just a tad with our home-made goodies. When Damian fell & sprained his ankle it was brought to my attention that some of Ashley's peanut butter cookies would most certainly help his ankle feel MUCH better. LOLWe don't make a big deal about Valentine's around here......Clay says our anniversary is always just around the corner & he'd rather celebrate big on our anniversary...which is fine with me. He did surprise me though by bringing me this bag of sweetarts (my favorite) & the Dr. Peppers.
Yesterday, We had a 'Girls Day Out'. We did this last year when the Twilight movie came to the Dollar Theater. We did lunch, got our hair cut & then went to the movies. So, we've been anxiously awaiting the day when 'New Moon' would hit the Dollar Theater this year (because I REFUSE to pay the regular theater prices). First thing we did yesterday was Great Clips....Ashley got her bangs trimmed & I got my hiar cut. Not really cut, just a good inch trimmed off the ends & shaped up over-all. Then we met Maw, Sarah & the kids at La Carreta for some Mexican food. That's one of Sarah & David's favorite places to eat. Clay had taken me there once & I really liked it, but the girls had never been. Ashley was really impressed by the amount of food you get for the price. We SHARED a chicken fajita lunch special & it was WAY plenty for both of us!! Not to mention the baskets of warm tortilla chips & salsa they bring to the table while you're waiting for your food. Yum! In between lunch & the movie we piddled around Target for a while. Found some After-Valentine specials.....I picked up a couple of treats to put away for next year & also two really cute plastic plates with hearts on them. AND....I bought Alli's Easter dress. She had looked at it a couple of times already & I was afraid to pass it up. So, she is good to go for Easter now...maybe just a cute new pair of spring shoes to complete the outfit. ;-) Met Ella & kids at the theater to see New Moon. Perfect ending to a fun Girly/Mother-Daughter Day. Now to plan our Girly sleepover & then a Scrappy Day.

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Sherri said...

My husband and I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day seems cheesy to us. I do, however, love making crafts and treats with my kids.
I would be happy with some drinks and Sweet Tarts.