Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sunday afternoon was SO nice...mid 50s outside. I actually sat out in my chair & read a short sleeves & the same time watching the kids sledding on the big hill across the creek. It was so weird...for it to be so warm & yet still have enough snow on the ground for the kids to be sledding! What a nice surprise we got yesterday morning. Clay came home from the PO with several packages that had been down there waiting for us. And one was this awesome flower press sent to us from Sandee! As you can see, we put it to good use right away! This is science class, you know. ;-) Alli stuck her sneakers on & flew out the door right quick....she said she knew where the perfect flower was. So, we have officially pressed the first dandelion of the season in our new flower press! Thanks a heap, Miss're the BEST!

And the big news of the day yesterday....Charlie took a trip to the vet & lost his 'manliness'. Clay had called out there the day before to see how soon they could schedule us & they just happened to have a cancellation for yesterday morning at 9:30am. Of course everyone was up to give him love & see him off....Alli & Michael rode out there with Clay to take him.
Things really well & he was home by supper time. He seemed fine....just maybe a tad loopy still. LOL! The weirdest part was that he'd lay down like he wanted to go to sleep, but we got so tickled because he WOULD NOT close his eyes! Poor buddy. Evidentally he settled on down after we all went to bed....Alli came down about 6am to check on him & said he was snoozing quietly on the back of the couch. So, that was our learning experiences for the day..... flower pressing & a field trip to the vet's office.

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Sandee said...

I am so glad you like the flower press. I figured you were the rightful owners of that little gadget!