Monday, July 26, 2010


Let's see.....first of all I have another TEEN-AGER in the house now. Michael celebrated his 13th birthday on Saturday. We started our celebrating Friday evening by getting Vitos pizza for supper. Saturday morning we had our usual celebratory cinnamon buns & coffee for breakfast & Michael opened his gifts. He got some new shirts, a word find puzzle book, a big ole bottle of Green Tea & some dive rings for the pool. He also got money because he really couldn't decide if he wanted a new bike or a dog! Yep.....all the kids (& Clay too) have been wanting a little indoor doggy for some time now. They are always perusing the Buck Saver & Thrifty Nickel we decided we'd give him money & then we could go from there...whether it was bike shopping or dog shopping. LOL Saturday, after lunch we all played in the pool for awhile......had to try out those new dive rings, ya know. ;-) Then when Clay got home from work he took the boys to go look at a little Pomeranian puppy he had found. I told them NOT to do anything on a whim.....because for one thing I was super tired that night & just did NOT feel like dealing with a new puppy along with trying to get everything together for our party at maw's on Sunday....not to mention the fact that we would be gone all day Sunday. BUT....anyone who knows Clay knows he is the King of 'Spur-of-the Moment' & as you can guess......they came home with the cutest little Pom puppy you have ever seen!! They said they couldn't help it.....when the guy found out it was Michael's 13th birthday & this was going to be his present, he came down on the price & as they say, the rest is history. Michael says it's THE BEST birthday gift he's ever gotten so I guess that makes it all worthwhile! ;-)

Yesterday, the whole service at church was dedicated to the teens sharing about their recent trip to Kentucky. It was an amazing time! Every single one of the kids & adults that had gone got up & shared. I was so proud of my kids...they did an amazing job of sharing their hearts! All of the kids did......we really have a super group of young people at our church! I am so blessed that my kids are able to be a part of a group like this!! After church, we all headed over to Maw's house for a cook-out birthday celebration for Michael. Ella & kids were there & Sarah & kids came down to have cake & icecream with us! We still have a little bit of celebrating to do for Michael's birthday.....we like to KEEP celebrating......he asked for BBQ ribs for his BD dinner, but since Clay was working over the weekend, we planned to do that on a night when he would be we'll probably do that tomorrow night. **** will add pics as soon as I can get back on MY computer again.****

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Fatcat said...

congratulations to your new teen. Mine are 17, 13 and 12 now with the girl turning 14 next month and the oldest turning 18 the month after that. How does it happen so quickly!!!!!!