Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barn Quilts

Where the broad sides of country barns once provided canvases for tobacco advertisements & notices that the circus was coming to town, today those barns are likely to sport colorful reproductions of quilt squares. Painted in bold color, these geometric designs that mimic time-honored quilt squares were the brainchild of Donna Sue Groves of the Ohio Arts Council. In 2001 she started the idea with a barn quilt trail in Adams County, Ohio. Now many communities are getting together to adorn groups of barns with quilt panels & promoting them as public art.

I had never heard of this before.....but my friend, Patti posted these pics on my scrapping board....she & her friend went around looking for Barn Quilts yesterday & these are some of the treasures they found. I'm totally in love with the idea & think I need to do one of these for our buildings out here. I can just see one on the back of Uncle Richard's building so it can be seen from the road. And Sandee.......YOU definitely need one of these!


Patti said...

WOW, Amy! I made your blog! That's the closest I've gotten to my Walton's Mt. These are so fun! Each one was unique and I took tons of pics. Hope you get one! I want one at my house!


Sandee said...

I actually looked into this a couple years ago and had plans to make them and try and sell them at our quilt show. I decided it would be a lot of work to have someone say, "Could you make that in blue instead of red?"
But you are right, I do need on on the side of our barn. I'll add that to my "To Do" list!!
I do love them and it would add so much cheer to folks driving by.
Thanks for the great photos, Patti!