Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home again, Home again.....

The kids rolled into the church parking lot about 7:30pm Sunday evening & I tell ya what......they talked NON-STOP all the rest of the evening. They were so pumped about their trip! We spent the rest of night looking at all of Ashley's 300 pics that she took & also watching the video footage that Jon taped.

They went claiming these two verses as kind of the theme for their trip. The first one....Matt. 20:28- the son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister (or serve). The second one....Eph. 3:20- Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think....And according to Pastor Steve, that last verse turned out to be SO true......that God moved & worked during their days there in ways beyond what they ever could have imagined!

They were able to work with the SWAP program & build two decks & a porch during the two days that they worked on this project. They also handed out flyers inviting the community kids out to Bible School next week at Harvest Mountain Baptist Church (the church where they stayed). They delivered gift bags to community folks & handed out $500 worth of Walmart gift cards. They were able to tear down an old shed type building behind the church & also plant flowers out front just to help bring some color & spruce things up a bit. Friday night, they had a youth rally & Our Last Oath played (a band made up of guys from our church) & Pastor Steve spoke. The Holy Spirit really moved that night.....folks got saved & no one wanted to leave. On Saturday, they hiked about a mile up to Bad Branch Falls & once they were up there they had a time of sharing...in particular about how to keep the fire burning in their hearts that had started the night before at the youth rally & they also pulled out the guitar & sang some praise songs.......they even drew a small crowd up there of others that were just out hiking & stopped to see what was going on. Sunday morning was church there at Harvest Mountain & then they loaded up & headed home.

This coming Sunday Pastor Steve is basically giving over the service for them all (grown-ups & teens alike) to share about their experiences in KY. They will be putting together a video this week of everyone's photos to share also. I'm sure that will be an awesome service.

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