Sunday, July 11, 2010

KY Mission's Trip

I keep waiting hoping our dang computer will be working again soon.....I want to post all my latest pictures....4th of July and all. But while I wait to post pictures I figured I might as well post an update & then I can go back & add pics when I can. These past days have been soooo upper 90s & even 100 a couple of days. So thankful for our pool because it sure does provide some nice relief on HOT days. Needless to say we've been spending just about every afternoon playing in the pool. Ashley & I also do ALOT of reading during the lazy summer afternoons. I'm almost done with Karen Kingsbury's latest Take Four. And I'm also reading her Sunrise series.....I'm getting ready to start Someday. Ashley has several books about Audrey Hepburn right now......we've been on a roll here recently watching all her movies. Ashley has enjoyed reading all the classic literature & now I'm making a classic movie buff out of her too. We've watched Roman Holiday, Sabrina (the old one), Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face & My Fair Lady. We had a nice quiet 4th here at home. Clay & Chris both had to work, so after church we came home & played in the pool all afternoon. Then grilled some burgers & dogs for supper & ate outside. After awhile, Jon built a little campfire so they could roast marshmallows & make s'mores. They had the absolute BEST time that evening.......they lifted the hatchback on clay's little Geo & cranked up the tunes.....they were out there by the campfire serenading everyone with Toby Mac & DC Talk........singing 'Jesus Freak' & 'Jesus is Still Alright'. When Clay got home we all did sparklers & fireworks & then Ashley & Jon pulled the quilt over by the fire & said they were gonna sit out & wait for Chris to get home from work. When I went to bed, they were out there by the fire with their music & cups of coffee. Aaaaahhhhh sweet memories! Then this past Wed.....they decided they were gonna pull an all-nighter. They did it once last summer & knew they MUST do it once this summer too. Again, they built a campfire & all raosted marshmallows & made s'mores. Then after us OLD folks went to bed they played video games, watched a movie & some old TV shows like CatDog, Gullah, Gullah Island, etc. They have some pretty goofy pics to document their night. Can't wait to share them with y'all. This coming week will be busy & different for sure. Chris is going to NC on Tues (just for a short overnight visit) to see his girlfriend. This is a first....but what can we me it's dejavu...taking me back 20-some years to the days when Clay & I were his age & it was Clay making that trip between VA & NC. Again.....sweet memories! As he is on his way home on Wed....I will be taking Ashley & Jon to church as they head out with the teens from Calvary Chapel to go on a mission's trip to eastern KY. They will be working with a group there called SWAP. Click the link to check it out. They will leave on Wed. & get home sometime Sun. afternoon. So, please...if you think about it.....keep them & their team members in your prayers this coming up week. For safety as they travel & as they minister to these folks in KY. Not much else going on right now......just thoroughly enjoying these lazzy, hazy days of summer!


Sandee said...

Aren't summers just the best? We've had high 90's temps too and each afternoon I think of you all splashing in your pool. I knew that is where you'd be hanging out! 'can't wait to see some photos.

Laurajean said...

hi Amy...thanks for coming by my blog..and yes I was guest designer over at AScrappinFriendsy for a couple of months before it closed...where are you hanging out now?
We've had some CRAZY weather here in NC HOT and muggy. I'm so ready for fall :)