Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! This is what Clay, Ashley & Jon were doing last night.

Me....well, I spent a quiet evening at home with Michael & Alli. Our big 'Whoopty-Do' was making home-made pizzas for supper & watching the NCIS marathon that was on TV all day. LOL! Chris & Ashley C. only did one night of Winterfest...Friday night. They really wanted to see Skillet. They then spent the day yesterday out & about...hanging out, just enjoying each other's company. They got back here last night around 10pm. I'm not even real sure exactly what time the others got home last night...or should I say this morning. All I know is that everyone is still snoozing away!! Everyone except me, Chris & Michael, that is. Michael always goes to bed earlier than anyone else & therefore is always up earlier in the mornings. Chris has to be at work at he's getting ready to leave. At least he'll be off tomorrow & can sleep in.


Over at Cookin' Up Creations we're starting a new month of challenges.

The new year is here … and the Cookin' Up Creations Challenge Team says,


Let's face it, we all have a scrappy stash …. things that we are hoarding, forgot we had, never got around to using … yeah, you know you have it, too! And if you're like us, you may have gotten new supplies and tools as gifts or maybe you hit the after-holiday sales; and we all know that Winter CHA is just around the corner, when the scrap companies will be releasing NEW designs!

The Challenge Team members will be using OUR stash all month to make way for all the new goodies that have come or are yet to come our way. You'll see how we are whittling away our stash in our daily BPS Challenges throughout January. And you can join us by using up your own stash in the Blue Plate Special challenges as well. We'll be focusing all month on ways to use what you have to make room for more .... well, stuff!

So … we know you have some stash (don't we all) and we know you are eyeing all those new supplies … so join us as we say “OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW!”

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