Thursday, January 19, 2012

A House Full of Teen-Agers!

Yesterday was my Alli-Cat's THIRTEENTH birthday! is that I now basically have a house FULL of teen-agers?! She just wanted a quiet celebration yesterday......cinnamon buns & coffee for breakfast, Pizza Hut for supper & then BD cake later while watching American Idol.

Breakfast cinnamon bun with a Happy Birthday candle!
Aunt Linda's was delicious, as usual!
My Birthday Girl. Isn't she a beautiful teen-ager?!
We all giggled about this one little candle......the boys wanted to help me put the candles on & that's Michael's just did NOT want to go out. It was so funny!


Fatcat said...

yesterday was my husband's 46th birthday. :-)

She's a very beautiful girl.

Amy said...

How cool is that?! My hubby's 46 too!

Cindy Gay said...

She is a beautiful girl! And you made the day special!

Sandee said...

Happy birthday, Alli!