Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Happy Girl!

 We met Maw, Sarah, Anna, Daniel, Ella, Cori, Jesse & Taylor for Birthday lunch at O'Charley's on Friday. Such a nice time visiting together! 

We did our usual Friday rounds....Target, Michaels, Sams, etc. But Alli had one special request this week. She wanted to find the 'Western Ways' store over off 221 because she has been wanting cowboy boots forever now. And that's what she's been planning on spending her birthday money on. So off we went late that afternoon.....our last stop of the day. Now, those of you who know me, KNOW that I rarely make a spur-of-the-moment purchase. My intentions were purely to find this store & check things out. Take some mental notes about prices, etc. & then we'd go from there. To me, this was a total 'God Thing'.....that's the only way I can describe it. We walked into this store & the smell was heavenly! Oh, that wonderful leather smell was all around us. I told Alli that I thought I just might have to have myself a 'mid-life crisis' & get myself a pair of boots too....because truly I'd LOVE to have a pair of my own!!! But, back to the story.....We started looking & Alli had in her mind exactly what she wanted. And don't you know, that within 5 minutes she had found THE pair in a size 7 no less.......& just $104. Now, I know that sounds awful.....but compared to others we were looking at the prices ranged from $159 on right at $100 was looking pretty dang good. Leather soles & all!! She had gotten $85 for her birthday & so after a quick call to daddy, he said 'Get'em!' It was just incredible to me to walk in there & find that perfect pair within our budget & if you could've seen her face! Well, it was TOTALLY worth it!

Happy, happy birthday, my sweet girl!!
God is so good to give us the desires of our hearts!


Sandee said...

My grandson told me my cowboy boots were horsegirl boots because I had a horse and I was a girl! I love your choice, Alli!
I just had my boots stretched; seems my feet have grown over the years!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

What beautiful boots for a beautiful gal. :) Enjoy those new boots, birthday girl.