Friday, January 13, 2012

Sandee will appreciate my day today!! LOL!

 Boy, what a 'Friday the 13th' we had!! * insert rolling eyes here* It all started  this morning when Clay realized that he had forgotten to set  his alarm clock....well, technically he DID set it, but just left it in the bathroom so no one heard it go off this morning. As soon as he got done in the shower, I hurried  in there so I could get ready to go to town for groceries, etc. About the time I got OUT of the shower....Clay comes tapping on the door saying the truck battery is couldn't even jump start it, DEAD....& that I was going to have to take him to work. *more rolling eyes* GEEZ! So, I threw my clothes kind of least I did have make-up on & out the door we went. That was all fine & dandy really, but I did have to hang around in town until he got off at 5:30pm. Which really wasn't THAT bad since I was doing BD shopping for Alli & I took my time at lunch with Danielle....we talked & visited & let her kids play & have ice-cream (we ate at Chickfila) was just the not getting home until 7pm that really stunk! It was dark & cold! And then having to unload & put all those groceries away. I was also starving by this mid-afternoon snack was long gone. So glad to have my PJs on now.....seriously thinking about a nice cup of coffee & maybe a movie tonight. :wink:

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Sandee said...

I love it when someone else has days like this.... makes me feel a bit more sane! (haha)