Monday, January 30, 2012

A January Walk

Just thought I'd take a few pictures today when I went on my walk......

David Purvis' new addition to his house. I was hoping to walk up the road that way & get a better look, but Rocky would have none of that.
He's such a soon as we got to the bottom of the drive & he could hear the men's voices & the tractor & what-not, he was literally digging in, refusing to go that way. So, I figured I was going to get any kind of walk in that we may as well turn around & head back to familiar ground. LOL!
I have been walking the fence line out in the fields the past few days (since there are no cows out front right now). So, off we went. Rocky was a happy camper now.
Although he did have to stop every few steps & smell things.
Coming up the hill toward the house. Just look at that amazing BLUE sky! I thought about Aunt Vada when I took this picture. ;-)
 Almost home.


Cindy Gay said...

I love your shadow with the pretty little dog. It's a great view of the house!

Fatcat said...

We went out walking on this beautiful day too, but forgot to take the camera! Freckles saw our neighbor out walking and wanted to go get him, but I wouldn't let her. I think if she'd have gotten close to him, she would have turned around and ran away. :-)

mgpm said...

Is your dog a Papillion? :) I have one too, she's just the best dog ever! They make such good friends! She's a beautiful dog. I'm in the CUC crop chef challenge and did my LO on my pap.