Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little of This & That......

Our start to the school is coming along nicely. No fussing or grumbling so far......I know, I know....only 2 days in, but still.

Basically we've just done some math review work. Alli did some grammar pages I had for her, Michael began reading 'The Story of Inventions' for science & Jon has begun work (actually just reading so far) in the SAT prep book.

Along with the book learning Alli has been spending countless hours at the piano practicing! She's in there right now even as I type. Like her guitar, she googles/youtubes what she wants to learn & then practices & practices. It's amazing what she can play just doing this on her own. Taylor Swift is a favorite even on the piano. And Michael is doing the same type of thing with his golf. He'll spend forever watching the golf learning channels on TV or looking up stuff online, then I'll find him outside practicing. Just this afternoon Jon spent forever doing this logo image on Gimp. He's using it as his team logo for Fantasy Football. I asked him if Chris had shown him how to do this stuff & he said no, not really.....he'd just learned by piddling with it on his own. I really love watching them take the initiative & learn on their own like this!
Ooops.....I just caught Jon's spelling blooper, did you?
A special 'Back-to-School' card that I made for my LU student. ;-)
A few Art journal pages that I've been working on. Starting to get into the Halloween mood just a tad bit.
The painted page with magazine clippings adhered........
.....some doodles added with my white paint pen. 
And lastly, a little quiet hooky time out on the front porch after supper this evening.


Sandee said...

You and your family are AMAZING!!!

Cindy Gay said...

Great card and art journal. Happy Friday!