Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tie Dye--part 1

It all started way back when..........

When Alli watched them do an episode about tie-dying on Gullah Gullah Island. Anyone remember that show?

Well, she's been on a roll here recently about REALLY wanting to make her own tie dyed T-shirt. She even told me how she's watched several How-To videos on youtube & knows exactly what she's looking for at the store AND how to do it. So.......with a Michael's coupon in hand yesterday, we went searching. We priced the kits at Walmart first, but figured that even if they were close in price at Michael's we could use the coupon & get a better deal. At Michael's, they just happened to have their plain T-shirts on sale, along with the sale & the coupon for the tie-dye kit, we were able to buy BOTH for LESS than the original price of the kit. How 'bout that for a good deal!

After supper last night, I cleaned the kitchen sink really well & let her loose to work on her new project.

Applying the dye
All twisted, rubber-banded, saran wrapped & ready to sit for 24 hours. Will take more pictures later today of the completed project.  
Yesterday, while we were in town, Alli asked if we might possibly go by the music store. She LOVES going there & trying out all the different instruments. She could spend HOURS in there if I'd let her. She loves playing the 12 string guitars, but she also kind of has a hankering for a mandolin now.
Here she is testing the keyboards. She says they sound SO much better than our old piano.
And one last tad bit of total randomness......
Alli demonstrating how to do a 'Snake Braid' on my hair. Isn't that cool?!


Sandee said...

Now you need to post a little video of Alli doing that snake braid! It is way cool!
I can't wait to see the tie-dyed shirts.

Kaye said...

The snake braid is cool. I've never seen that before!