Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moving Day

Well, yesterday was the big moving day for us. We got Ashley all moved back to school & ready for her sophomore year. Things went very much easier this time around. 

She changed dorms, but is still rooming with Emily, whom she roomed with last year. They have a new room-mate, Allison (how about that.....Ashley & Allison together. I think I should be able to remember that.)....& they seem to think that she's going to be a really good fit with them & that they all will get along really well together. Here's praying that they all have a most-excellent school year!

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Fatcat said...

I'll pray yours have an excellent school year and that mine does too. :-)

I may have to take him to Mississippi and move him in myself, just the 2 of us, me driving 9 hours home by myself afterwards. I'm kind of worried about it. :-(