Monday, August 13, 2012

The Vow

Excerpt from the book 'The Vow'. This was written by James Dobson.


'In this day when the culture teaches us to bail out at the first sign of frustration or pain, it is uplifting to see this young couple work to recapture what they had lost & to remain committed to each other even in the face of tragedy. Their example will, I hope, be relevant to many of my readers who have lost the passion in their marriages-- not as a result of brain injury, but from whatever has driven them apart. Perhaps Kim's decision to win Krickett's affection anew will be especially helpful to those who have misplaced the "memory" of love. If you have been considering a divorce, wouldn't it be better to begin courting your spouse again & seeking to rebuild the marriage from the ground up? That is never easy & I'm sure Kim & Krickett have not yet faced  their final challenges. But it is the right thing to do, & ultimately, the most rewarding response for disengaging husbands & wives. And it is definitely in the best interests of children.

Let me conclude by offering a word of advice to young men & women who will be joining hands in holy matrimony.....I urge each of you to enter into marriage with an unshakable commitment to make it last a lifetime. Let nothing short of death separate what is about to be consummated. When the hard times come (& they WILL come), I hope you will remember the story of Kim & Krickett who are weathering the storm together-- hand in hand & soul to soul. That is God's plan for the family--& for your family.'

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