Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fabulous Family Fun

How's that for an alliteration?!
We met for lunch today in down town Lynchburg at the Depot Grille.....especially to celebrate Aunt Vada & Ashley's upcoming birthdays. We had such a fun day together. 

About the Restaurant

With the Staunton location enjoying great success, Lynchburg's historic riverfront is the perfect location for the second Depot Grille. The large open dining area flooded with natural light is the ideal environment for a casual business lunch. The regular passing of trains just outside provides a wonderful treat for the kids. And the well-rounded menu of superbly cooked dishes is a treat for a family night out or impressing business clients.
The kids were showing off the cool map of Lynchburg they picked up as we left the restaurant.
They say these are the 'Mature' ones.....but I hate to break it to y'all.....they sure were acting silly out there today.
The kids wanted to jump from these concrete blocks while I took their picture. But I told them to just stand there & let me take one before they jumped. Guess Anna didn't hear me on that one.
Just a quick pose.......
....and then they jumped!  
These next few of the girls were taken by Daniel. He said he wanted to get some 'Sassy' pictures of them.
I think he did a pretty good job!


After lunch we all headed over to the Farm Basket on Langhorne Rd. One of our favorite little shops that we MUST always go visit when Aunt Vada is in town.

 Welcome to a place that embraces the traditional, while exploring the new and unexpected.

From our roots as a roadside fruit stand in 1964, farmbasket has grown to become the premier destination in central Virginia for specialty food items and gift ideas for any occasion. The broad assortment of gourmet selections from our market will nourish and please even the most distinguishing palate. Our handpicked collection of giftable items and seasonal accents make for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Mingle through our gardening areas and talk to our green thumb experts about what plants are right for you, or grab a classic sandwich at the café, made with fresh, local ingredients. Every nook and cranny reveals a new surprise, an unexpected getaway-for lunch or just the kind of conversation that was once shared with friends at a fruit stand in 1964.

I loved all the pretty stationary. They had one whole wall that was just a cork board with tons of samples displayed. Lots of artsy inspiration!
I NEED this screen door!
I also loved this embroidered VA cool is that?!
Outside on the back decks.....
Awesome owl statue amongst the plants.
Just look at those wooden shingles all covered in moss. Looks like something straight out of a fairy tale!
Ashley LOVED this. She says she wants a house like this one day built with all these different levels where she can grow a garden & have chickens & goats.
It didn't take the kids very long to loose their shoes & wade out into the creek. Shhhhh......don't tell anyone that I took my sandals off too & waded in.....just a little bit.
Taken from the creek looking up to the back decks. If you look closely you can see Maw & Sarah. We ended up having to bribe the kids to get them out of the water. Aunt Vada promised an ice cream treat from McDonald's if they'd hurry up.
McDonald's in Madison Heights.
What a fun way to end our day. I'm so thankful for days like this to enjoy spending time with our family! Such awesome memories made & tucked away!!

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Fatcat said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great day. I'm glad you all had fun.